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          Chinaplas 2020 helps the transformation of rubber and plastic industry to find new opportunities

          Time : 2020-3-14 12:47:09 Hits : 486
          Innovation and change

          Chinaplas 2020 helps the transformation of rubber and plastic industry to find new opportunities

          At present, global economic and political uncertainty still exists. Affected by trade frictions, economic growth slowdown, China's demand slowdown and other factors, the growth of manufacturing industry has encountered varying degrees of resistance, and some industries have fallen into a "cold winter". While facing many challenges in the global economic situation, China is taking a series of measures to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, promote the formation of a strong domestic market, and further expand and encourage foreign investment.

          When the economy is in the doldrums, there will always be strong forces to counter attack. As an important wind vane of the industry, Chinaplas 2020 is the world's leading rubber and Plastics Exhiintion "International Rubber & Plastics Exhiintion" pays close attention to the global economy, the pulse of the industry, social hot spots and the needs of buyers, and is committed to building a high-tech, high-quality and high-value platform for Rubber & plastics technology innovation and market trend, actively helping the industry to face challenges in a changing environment, explore new opportunities of the new era, and make a strong transformation breakthrough.

          Looking for business opportunities and developing growth against the trend

          A new direction is nurtured in the predicament of auto market. After 28 consecutive years of rapid growth, China's automobile market began to decline for the first time since 2018, entering the stock market from the incremental market, and the industry and enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure. Although the car market is getting colder, the major car companies are more determined to transform and change. Under the trend of environmental protection and sustainable development, the potential of new energy vehicles and lightweight is highlighted; driven by intelligent driving and Internet technology, the automobile industry is undergoing unprecedented changes, and the demand of automobile enterprises for new materials, new equipment, advanced technology, automation and intelligence is more urgent. In the "cold winter" of auto market, cost reduction and efficiency increase is the first choice for many auto and parts enterprises to carry out self-help. In addition to the common "optimization of enterprise structure", improving technology and production efficiency through technological innovation is also a desirable way to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

          5g will be ready for large-scale commercial use, and a full-scale outbreak is imminent. At present, all countries in the world regard accelerating informatization as the key point of national strategic development. On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China issued 5g commercial license, which aroused widespread concern. As the core infrastructure of big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies, the large-scale outbreak of 5g will form a strong driving force to promote intelligence. Because 5g has the characteristics of high speed, high capacity and low delay, it requires higher quality materials from base station to application. Not only 5g communication, but also new applications such as Internet of things, autonomous driving, telemedicine, intelligent factory and smart city will trigger disruptive changes, opening up unlimited reverie and vast space for innovative materials and production technology.

          Waste classification is in full swing, and circular economy has become a new "outlet". Under the high pressure of environmental protection, the correct treatment and reuse of plastics face severe challenges. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities in China have comprehensively promoted waste classification. EU, Sweden, Canada, Peru and other countries and regions have proposed plans to ban disposable plastic products. China's "waste ban order" is further upgraded. After banning the import of domestic waste plastics at the end of 2017, industrial waste plastics will be completely banned at the end of 2018; India, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries have announced that they will start or will soon ban the import of solid plastic wastes. Therefore, it is a "compulsory course" for plastic product manufacturers to strengthen the reuse and recycling, plan the recycling way after the end of product use in advance, and replace traditional plastics with biodegradable plastics.

          Enhance independent innovation and cultivate internal skills to meet challenges. The emergence and upgrading of unilateralism, trade protectionism and anti globalization have had a negative impact on the global economy and trade and the rubber and plastic industry. Focus on layout and innovation to help transformation. Relying on scientific and technological innovation, enhancing the ability of independent innovation, enhancing product value and market competitiveness, adjusting strategy and layout, actively opening up domestic and emerging markets, so as to enhance the ability of risk resistance. For rubber and plastic enterprises, it is helpful to actively deal with the outstanding encirclement.

          Hand in hand with the industry

          BaoJianFeng comes from sharpening, the fragrance of plum flowers comes from intter cold, and new vitality is often dormant in the severe cold of winter. The severe situation forces enterprises to accelerate the transformation to high-quality development. Scientific and technological innovation is a powerful driving force for high-quality development. Chinaplas 2020 International Rubber and Plastics Exhiintion will continue to take scientific and technological innovation as the leading factor, focus on "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials, environmental protection and recyclable solutions", break through the pain points of the industry, help the upstream and downstream of the rubber and plastics industry to temper their combat effectiveness, and find a breakthrough in adversity.

          Ms. Liang Yaqi, general manager of Yashi Exhiintion Services Co., Ltd., the organizer of the exhiintion, said: "although the current market environment is full of challenges, it is often a good time for strong enterprises to rise against the trend. The booth of Chinaplas 2020 International Rubber and plastics exhiintion is expected to continue to be popular in previous years, which shows the firm confidence of rubber and plastics suppliers to innovate and win in the future. Over the past three decades, the exhiintion has been closely following the pulse of China's economic development, witnessing the great leap forward and development of the rubber and plastic industry. It has also gone through the Asian financial crisis in 1998 and the global financial tsunami in 2008, and continues to write a legend against the trend. Growing up in the sun and walking together in the wind and rain, we always adapt to the changes of internal and external environment, conform to the trends of technological revolution, industrial transformation and consumption upgrading, strengthen int-term close exchanges and cooperation with global rubber and plastic manufacturers, downstream users and industry associations, transform the first-hand information collected into the latest market demand, and work together with upstream and downstream enterprises to make common progress.

          ”The debut of Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhiintion in Shanghai Hongqiao in 2018 was a brilliant achievement. From April 21 to 24, 2020, the exhiintion will gather at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhiintion Center. With an exhiintion area of 340000 square meters, the exhiintion is expected to join hands with 3900 + global high-quality exhiintors and more than 180000 visitors to overcome the difficulties, meet the changes of the times and build a better future!

          Chinaplas International Rubber and plastics exhiintion team will appear at the K exhiintion held in Dusseldorf, Germany from October 16 to 23, 2019, to show the new highlights of Chinaplas 2020 International Rubber and Plastics Exhiintion, and exchange new trends with buyers and industry experts. The team also prepared exquisite and colorful gifts, and sincerely look forward to the audience taking the time to participate in the interaction at Chinaplas booth (Booth No.: en1-02). You can also pre register to visit Chinaplas 2020 for free. See you at Dusseldorf!

          Taizhou injection mold Taizhou blow molding machine manufacturing


          Service hotline 13306866367

          Wangdong village, taizhou dongcheng industrial zone, huangyan city, zhejiang province

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